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FAQs on Director’s Identification Number – DIN


  1.  What is Director’s Identification Number?

Ans: DIN stands for Director’s Identification Number which is allotted to an individual who is an existing director of a company or intends to be appointed as director of a company pursuant to section 266A & 266B of the Companies Act, 1956.


  1.  What is the validity of regular DIN?

Ans: A regular DIN allotted to a person is valid for the lifetime of the individual and shall not be allotted to any other person during his lifetime.


  1.  What are the actions to be taken in case of change in the particulars of DIN?

Ans: E-Form DIN-4 should be filed on filling up the required changes and follow the same process for uploading as in e-Form DIN-1. The requested change is taken into the system on verification of the proof enclosed with the application for change request. Married ladies, who are having ID Proof with their maiden names, can submit marriage certificate along with application.


  1.  What are the things to be taken care of while filing form DIN-1?

Ans: Use of prefixes like Mr./ Ms./ Kumari/ Shri etc. is outlawed while filling the applicant’s name.

Enter the applicant’s name and father’s name in full and do not use abbreviations, even if the ID proof contains the name in abbreviated form, while abbreviations in the middle name are acceptable. The particulars filed in form DIN -1 should match with the details given in supporting documents to be submitted along with DIN application. Any mismatch will lead to rejection of DIN application.


  1.  What is the validity period of provisional DIN generated on line by the applicant?

Ans: Sixty days from the date of generation of provisional DIN online.


  1.  What things should be taken care of with regard to supporting documents?

Ans: Following points must be ensured before attaching supporting documents with DIN application:

  • Documents submitted are currently valid and not expired.
  • Documents issued by LIC may be enclosed as address proof and date of birth.
  • Bank statements, utility bills like telephone, electricity bills, etc. furnished as residence proof are in the applicant’s name only and not older than two months.
  • All supporting documents attached with DIN-1 must be duly attested by an authorized person/authority.


  1.  What things should be taken care of while attesting documents?

Ans: Attesting authority should indicate the following while attesting the documents:

  • Signature
  • Full name in capital letters
  • Seal/stamp containing name/designation of attesting authority
  • Membership/ Practicing Certificate Number (If the seal/stamp does not contain the membership/practicing certificate number, same may be recorded by hand).


  1.  Is the provisional DIN retained on approval?

Ans: Yes, the provisional DIN generated online is validated as a regular DIN after the process of scrutiny and approval.


  1.  What are the additional information/documents required in case of a foreign national?

Ans: Details of a valid passport should be filed in Form DIN-1 and a certified copy of same should be attached with DIN application. All supporting documents including photograph should be certified by the Indian Embassy or a notary in the home country of the applicant or by the managing director/CEO/Company Secretary of the company registered in India, in which applicant is a director.


  1.  What are the grounds for rejection of DIN application?

Ans: A provisional DIN is approved only after scrutiny of the documents attached with the application. Some of the common mistakes committed by applicants and on account of which the DIN application gets rejected are as under: –

  • Non-payment of DIN application fee.
  • Non-submission of supporting documents
  • The proof of identity of the applicant is not submitted.
  • The proof of father’s name of the applicant is not submitted.
  • The proof of date of birth of the applicant is not submitted.
  • The proof of residential address of the applicant is not submitted.
  • The Affidavit (for applicant or his/her father’s name being a single name) is not submitted.
  • The copy of passport (for foreign nationals) is not submitted

       Invalid Application/supporting Documents

  • The supporting documents are invalid or expired.
  • The proof of identity submitted has not been issued by a Government Agency.
  • The application/enclosed evidence has handwritten entries.
  • The submitted application is a duplicate DIN application and already one application of that applicant is pending or approved.
  • The submitted application does not have photograph affixed.
  • The signatures are not appended to the prescribed place.
  • The applicant’s name filled in application form does not match with the name in the enclosed evidence.
  • The applicant’s father’s name filled in application form does not match with the father’s name in the enclosed evidence.
  • The applicant’s date (DD/MM/YY) of birth filled in application form does not match with the date of birth in the enclosed evidence.
  • The address details filled in the application do not match with those contained in the enclosed supporting evidence.
  • The prefixes/ suffixes like Mr. / Ms. / Kumari / Shri / Late/Ji etc. are used in the applicant’s name or applicant’s father’s name field in Form DIN-1.
  • The gender is not entered correctly in Form DIN-1.
  • Identification number entered in application does not match with the identity proof enclosed.
  • The application does not contain the valid Service Request Number (SRN) through which the DIN application fee is paid.

       Improper Attestation of documents

  • The attesting authority has not put his signature.
  • The documents have not been attested by authorized person.
  • Applicant’s photograph has not been attested by an authorized person.
  • The proof of identity has not been attested by an authorized person.
  • The proof of father’s name has not been attested by an authorized person.
  • The proof of date of birth of the applicant has not been attested by an authorized person.
  • The proof of residential address has not been attested by an authorized person.
  • The particulars of the attesting authority are incomplete (e.g. professional’s name, designation, membership number, stamp/seal).


  1.  Address where application for allotment of regular DIN should be sent?

Ans: The Regional Director (Northern Region), PDIL Bhawan, Sector 1, Gautam Budh Nagar, NOIDA (UP) ‘Or’ MCA21 Post Box No. 3, NOIDA (UP) Pin – 201 301